It is everyone’s right hire a car that makes him or her more comfortable and yet also within his or her budget and the best option is certainly for you to embark on a journey with one of our classic sedan cars also known as saloon vehicles and at the end of the day you would have met your dreams in Africa.

These categories come in smaller sizes and they can take up to 4 visitors plus the driver that is if you are renting a car and driver. Hiring one our sedan cars assures you that total comfort that any visitor has wished to have in his or her life while on safari in Rwanda or Uganda.  Our cars are very stylish, manageable and convenient for you to realize your dreams whether you are interested in business vacations, city dwellers or wildlife safaris. Our wide range of saloon cars will help explore in and around this remarkable destination at a pocket friendly price.

Below are some of our excellent sedan or saloon cars for you to rent for self drive or guided tours in Rwanda or Uganda.

Toyota Premio

The Toyota premio is one of the up scale sedan cars which come with unique interior, they feature wood trim and better class material plus assortment of convenience especially the bottle stands, air conditioners, airbags, centralized door lock, power windows, automatic and manual, CD player and many more. This category comes in a small size and it is simple for you to manage. If you are planning for city tour in Kigali or even to pay a visit to most of the remotest roads in the remarkable Rwanda, consider hiring this type the best option for you.

Toyota Rav4

This is one of our excellent cars that you should consider to hire to make your dreams come true in Rwanda. This type accommodates up to four people and it comes with enough room for your cargo. Its interior alone is incredible and it features as one of the strongest cars that you should rent to help you transverse through Rwanda’s remotest routes. The Rav4 also come in different types-the short two door and the long 4 doors but with the same seating capacity and strength. For excellent safaris in Rwanda, the Toyota Rav4 is remarkably the perfect option that you must make as it is very friendly when it comes to fuel consumption and simple to manage. If you are planning to travel as an individual, couple or friends, a Rav4 is ideally the best way for you achieve your dreams in Africa.

Toyota Noah

The Noah is almost like a minivan in terms of its physical looks. This type of sedan car takes from 5 to 7 visitors plus a driver. Hiring one offers you opportunity to have that comfort while on self drive or guided tour in Rwanda or Uganda. Its interior is ideally amazing as it also comes with adjustable seats and you can adjust them at your own convenience. This type is also perfect for group tours as it accommodates for four and more visitors. It features adequate space for you to stretch legs or pack your cargo and all that you require to use while in the destination. Besides, the Noah also features sun roof which provides travelers with the most astonishing views of the surrounding area along your way.

Mercedes Benz

If you are interested in a class a part cars to make your vacation memorable in Africa then Mercedes Benz is an ultimate luxury car that you shouldn’t miss to hire for safari in Rwanda or Rwanda. Mercedes Benzes range from Mercedes Benz S class, E class and C class and others. If you are looking for the most exceptional vehicles to hire then this is the best saloon car for you to realize your dreams.  Its whole mechanical make up and it is best for wedding ceremonies, executive hire and anything to do within luxury bracket. Mercedes Benzes have managed to keep their legacy especially when it comes to first class and durability. Hiring one of our Mercedes Benzes offers you a chance to save money as it is also the in terms of fuel consumption.

Toyota corona

If you are planning to take a city tour in Kigali plus other amazing tourist sites in Rwanda, Toyota corona shouldn’t miss out in your bucket list. It is an exclusive four seater sedan car, best for town navigation and smooth areas. They are mainly automatic and manual, featuring air conditioners, CD player and ABC brakes, power steering, electric windows, airbags and many more.

In conclusion, sedan cars feature among the very few comfortable, simple to drive and compact cars for you to transverse through different areas whether you are interested in self drive in Rwanda or guided tours. Our saloon car hire are pocket friendly, comfortable, safe for you to transverse through Rwanda’s remotest areas.


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