Rwanda Gorillas

Rwanda is a country with lush mountainous landscapes, which is why it is often referred to as the ‘Land of a thousand Hills’. The country might have been through a lot and had a troubled past, but the people here are resilient and Rwanda is becoming a fantastic destination to travel to.

If you want to embark on a unique holiday this year, consider going to Rwanda, you won’t regret it. We have some spectacular scenery, amazing sights and diverse landscapes to explore. Here are some of the top things to do in Rwanda.

Go on an adventure in Virunga National Park
You can’t go to Rwanda without going on an adventure in Virunga National Park. Virunga National Park is one of the most ecologically diverse places on earth, so there are many different animals to see and landscapes to trek through.

Feel moved at Kigali Memorial Centre
Although Rwanda is flourishing, it’s still important to keep in mind the terrible crimes that took place here 21 years ago. A trip to Kigali Memorial Centre will open your eyes to the awful times the people of Rwanda had to endure. It’s estimated that around one million people died during the genocide, and 250,000 are buried here in mass graves. You can go on an audio tour to learn about what happened and see the exhibits.

Gorilla trekking
Virunga National Park and Rwanda are both famous for the mountain gorillas. You can go on guided gorilla treks to see these amazing creatures in their natural habitat. The gorillas have come up against poachers and conflict, causing their numbers to drop worryingly low. The rangers of the Virunga National Park fight hard and put their lives on the line to help protect these endangered species.

Walk through Nyungwe Forest
Nyungwe Forest is a National park located in southwestern Rwanda. Here you will find a variety of wildlife, and lots of primates. There are stunning rolling mountains set amongst thick rain forest. However, trekking around the rain forest and surrounding areas isn’t easy as the terrain can be steep.

Wander around Lake Kivu
Lake Kivu is found on the border between Rwanda and Congo. It’s a freshwater lake in Africa’s Great Rift Valley. The lake covers a total surface area of 2,730km2 and stands at a height of 1,463m above sea level. The lake has crystal clear waters, and the best way to see it is by kayak.

Other places to see:
● Inema Art Centre
● The capital city, Kigali
● Karisoke Research Centre
● Akagera National Park
● National Museum of Rwanda

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